'This is now MY lap now to sit on, and it will always be!!!' >:c

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Mayia: Boys, please don’t fight. Hunter, I’ll get you a crystal later! And Grey… Um… Uh…

[Mayia is lost X3 She doesn’t know what to do to make them stop fighting at all~]

… I have to skip out on LoE’s Open Server weekend this time around because I don’t have an updated graphics card T-T
I tried designing a new dress, but I think it looks more like I genderbent Mayia a little o_o So….Yeah.

I tried designing a new dress, but I think it looks more like I genderbent Mayia a little o_o So….Yeah.


'I'm actually pretty sure he did.' =3=

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Mayia: Haha, I think Hunter wants to join in. He doesn’t really like it when others get too close.

Hunter: Bree~ Brrrr?

Wait for me to finish the next rp answer o3o

(◕Д◕) Well then hurry it up then~ Just kidding, wobs you~


… I… I can’t help but think that this is a joke o_o

Oh, and letting you guys know now, any non-Mayia sketches will go to my art blog X3 ponymaker

Wanna sketch?

I don’t feel like doing anything but drawing right now. Wanna just sketch, so give me a suggestion and I might draw it X3

I lost my pencil, but then I found it, so yeah, the reason is gone, but the discounts will still be up. I’d still like to replace my pencil in case it actually does get lost and I become sad, but can’t do that without money. If you like what I do, then you can also get a regular full body lineless of your pony for $8 so yeah. You’ve got the rest of this month and May to commission me for 20% less than usual X3

(Your daily cheering up message ^c^) Awesome art mainly comes from awesome people, good thing you aren't just awesome but amazing! ^c^

(TωT) Thank you~ After all this trouble with getting LoE up, I needed this~

Tag it with #LegendsOfEquestria, chances are somebody on their Tumblr will see your post and provide assistance.

Done :3 Thanks X3

Try using winrar, and then go onto the LoE forms to see if other people are having the same problem.

Been Checking the LoE Bug and Suggestion forum around the clock. Plenty of people have been having this problem, but no one has even attempted to answer it. I’ve only been able to find threads about it one post long.

Run the 86 bit

Doesn’t work. It’s not compatible.

A little update, I have noticed that after unzipping the file, the icon is the regular LoE logo, but after clicking, it turns into a purple feather… Dunno if that means anything, but it’s an observation.